• Deseo compartir sensación de libertad que me acompaña en estos días, pues en los intensos ejercicio que hacemos por encontrar la nota armónica, la manera coherente, amorosa y respetuosa con que se orienta el curso de “Entrenamiento Para Cultivar La Compasión” ha sido parte de este logro; pienso que los métodos acertados jamás lograrían su objetivo si no son divulgados por personas que lo encarnen. Valoro esta coherencia, pues me dispongo a incorporarla en mi vida. Muchísimas gracias por el acompañamiento.- Anónimo

  • Escucho a los otros mucho mejor, siento y disfruto con mayor emoción la vida. Me siento mas tranquila frente a las adversidades.- Anónimo

  • During the 8-week CCT course and CCARE teacher training program, I have learned new ways to recognize and access the presence of compassion both within myself and externally. These new discoveries have given rise to a fundamental change in perspective. In addition, it’s a gift being able to wish myself the same unconditional friendliness that I happily offer others.- Robert Cusick, long-time meditator

  • Compassion — it’s not what I thought … literally! The training was a wonderful opportunity to join a group of people who chose to come together with a focused interest in compassion. The training helped to anchor the spirit of compassion at the forefront of my daily practice. It helped clarify the distinctions between compassion, empathy, and sympathy and awakened a way of seeing compassion as a strength and a wise way of being in the world.- John McElyea

  • I signed up for the 8-week Compassion Training because I vigil with dying hospital patients and wanted to know more about strengthening compassion and preventing burnout in the healthcare setting. I truly found the course life-altering: It taught me how to better nurture my soul and extend patience and kindness to others — and it gave me a renewed sense of purpose and meaning.- Pamela Goyan Kittler

  • Compassion is so needed in our complex world today. We must harness our leaders everywhere to lead more compassionately into the flux, uncertainty, and change of all organizations. The CCT 8-week course gave me new skills and a way of being in my daily work that is beyond mindfulness.- Ann Badillo